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SerenitySphere™: The Calming Orb [Gen 2.0]


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Free Tracked & Insured Shipping Free Returns 100% Money Back Guarantee "Seriously, this thing is a lifesaver. Whenever I feel the anxiety creeping up, I just take these out and it's like...

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Free Tracked & Insured Shipping
Free Returns
100% Money Back Guarantee
"Seriously, this thing is a lifesaver. Whenever I feel the anxiety creeping up, I just take these out and it's like a switch flips. I can actually feel the tension leaving my body. So fun to use and really relaxing too!"

Liam J.

Soothe your senses and melt away stress with SerenitySphere™ 2.0, the perfect companion for relaxation and play.

🧘‍♀️ Instant stress relief

😌 Soothes anxiety fast. (NDIS invoice available)

🌈 Experience a Kaleidoscope of Joy with Our Vibrant, Captivating Design!

✋ Interactive and fun for all.

Feeling overwhelmed? Find your center with SerenitySphere. 🌟

In our fast-paced world, it's easy to become consumed by stress and anxiety. Enter the SerenitySphere: your personal gateway to peace and tranquility. This handheld wonder is designed to captivate your attention and facilitate a state of calmness, helping you to decompress after a long day or simply enjoy a moment of mindfulness.

Transform anxiety into peace with SerenitySphere. 🌿

SerenitySphere doesn't just attract your eye; it also provides a tactile experience that can help ground you in the present moment. The gentle weight and texture of the sphere in your hands serve as sensory anchors, directing your focus away from distressing thoughts and anchoring you in a state of calm.

Need a break? Engage playfully with SerenitySphere. 🎈

With its alluring colours and easy-to-use design, SerenitySphere is not just a tool for relaxation — it's also a delightful toy. Whether you're looking for a playful distraction, or an engaging activity with friends and family, SerenitySphere offers hours of endless fun and a break from the routine.

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Ready to unwind? Try SerenitySphere today and feel the difference! With our 30-day money-back guarantee, tranquility is a sphere away.

We're confident in the serene experience SerenitySphere will provide. That's why we offer a no-fuss 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don't find improved peace and playfulness, we'll refund you, no questions asked. Your journey to calmness and fun has nothing to lose.

Vibrant Variety Pack: Receive 8 fluorescent SerenitySphere Gen2.0 balls.
Ideal Size for Grip: Each ball is soft and easily fits into hands.
Safe and Soft Material: Made from quality thermoplastic rubber, these balls are soft, safe, and durable, ensuring long-lasting fun without the risk of breakage.
Easy Maintenance: The surface is easy to clean and regain stickiness with a simple wash, making upkeep a breeze.
Glow-in-the-Dark Feature: After absorbing light, these balls glow in the dark, adding an exciting twist to playtime and captivating visual interest.
Stress Relief Aid: Specifically designed to alleviate physical and emotional stress, these balls provide a therapeutic and calming effect.
Engaging Play Method: Throw them against the wall and catch as they descend slowly - a fun way to develop hand-eye coordination and focus.
Variable Adhesion Times: Sticks to the ceiling for 3-20 seconds and to ordinary white plaster walls for 5-30 seconds, offering varied play experiences.
Enhances Emotional Bonding: An ideal tool for strengthening emotional communication between family and friends, enhancing social interactions.
Perfect Gift Choice: Makes for an excellent birthday or holiday gift, appealing to both kids and adults alike, and suitable for various occasions.
NDIS invoice available on request.