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A great recipe for caramel and apple nachos

Recipe for caramel and apple nachos

This recipe may sound a little different and strange but it is something you should give a try as it\'s always a great talking point and it does taste great!

What you will need to make a caramel apple nachos...

1) 5-6 sliced apples
2) tablespoons of butter
3) 35-40 marshmallows
4) 30 caramels
5) 1 tablespoom of water
6) Your choice of toppings such as small chocolate chips,sprinkles and various candy etc...

How to prepare your caramel and apple nachos

1) Firstly melt your marshmallows and butter in a saucepan with low heat.
2) Stir the mixture periodically until everything is totally melted and the consistancy of the mix is smooth.
3) Place in the caramels and water in a bowl and melt them in a microwave. Its best to do this in 30 second intervals and
stir the mixture in between until smooth.
4) Get creative and place your pieces of apples around the plate and then pour the marshmallow and caramel mix gently over them.
5) Add your extra toppings of choice
6) Serve and enjoy 

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