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Alcoholic Ice cream Spider shots

Alcoholic Ice cream Spider shots

What you will need

- Vanilla Ice cream
- Orange soft drink
- Whipped cream flavoured vodka
- Rainbow sprinkles
- Marshmallow topping 
- Stripped straws

How to make them:

1) Pour 2 tablespoons of your sprinkles onto a plate.
2) Add 2 spoonfuls of your marshmallows onto a seperate plate
3) Place your shotglasses into your marshmallow topping to wet the rim and
then into your sprinkles
4) Take a teaspoon of vanilla ice cream and place into a shot glass. 
5) Add 15 ml of vodka to the shot glass and then add your orange softdrink.
6) Keep adding the softdrink until each shot glasses is full and softly foaming.

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