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Boozy Kahlua Ice Cream Shots

Boozy Kahlua Ice Cream Shots

What you will need:

12 mini ice cream cones

1.5 cups of milk chocolate chips

Half a cup of chocolate sprinkles

Half a cup of Kahlua liqueur

1 cup of vanilla ice cream

1 cup of whipped cream

12 maraschino cherries (if desired)

How to make:

  1. Start off by slicing the large top from each cone and leaving behind a smaller portion of the cone. (You won’t have to do this step if you already have mini cones)
  2. Now melt the chocolate chips using a microwave and then spoon the melted chocolate into the centre of the cones.
  3. Turn the cones in order to completely coat the bottom and the insides of the cones.
  4. Now turn then upside down so that the excess chocolate can drizzle out.
  5. Using the remaining chocolate coat the rims of the cone and then dip immediately in to the chocolate sprinkles.
  6. Now Place these cones in the fridge in order for the chocolate to cool and harden.
  7. Now in a bowl you need to whisk together the ice-cream and Kahlua together.
  8. Pout this mixture in to the cones and top with whipped cream.
  9. Cover with remaining sprinkles and then garnish with cherries.

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