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Cake And Marshmallow Flavoured Cocktails

Cake And Marshmallow Flavoured Cocktails

What you will need:

 1bottle of cake flavoured vodka

A 16 oz pack of marshmallows

A large clean air tight jar

Cherry soda

Maraschino cherries

A cheesecloth

How to make cake and marshmallow flavoured cocktails:

  1. To start off you will need to make the marshmallow infused vodka. Place all your marshmallows in the jar and pour in the cake flavoured Vodka and seal tight.
    2. Allow the marshmallows to stay in the vodka for at least 24 hours.
    3. Now take cheesecloth and double it then drain the mixture through the damped cheese cloth and store your marshmallow infused vodka.
    4. Now chill all the ingredients that will be going in to your cocktail.
    5. Pour the vodka and soda in a mixing glass and stir.
    6. Pour out the yummy cocktail in to your martini glasses and drop a maraschino cherry at the bottom of the glass and serve!

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