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Caramel Cheesecake Martinis

Caramel Cheesecake Martinis

Hands up who sometimes would just prefer to drink their dessert??? Yes, you heard right! All the flavour of a lucious cheesecake, the panache that accompanies the martini - the crusted glass & swizzle sticks, and of course that shot of alcohol to the system that most desserts don't give you. Who could ask for more? This decadedent drinking dessert is just to die for, I assure you.
Since it was Cheesecake Day, naturally a dessert was on the menu.  But I didn't want any old variety.  I wanted to snazz it up a bit.  Lets be honest - cheesecake on its own, whilist quite delish, can get too rich & too sweet for the palate by the end - just too much.  So I wondered how I could spice things up a bit and boy did I hit the jackpot - drinking your cheesecake WITH caramel WITH a shot of vodka.. all in a sexy martini glass.  Just read on and I'll explain how we did it.

Ok, so no cheesecake is complete without the cracker crust am I right? Easy - all you do is encrust the top of the martini glass with the same crackers!!  Then I had to get the taste right - there are so many different flavoured Vodkas out there these days - but I eventually settled on a mix between a caramel vodka wed with a vanilla vodka - marriage made in heaven! Shaken with some Half & Half, poured directly into your Martini glass thats been pre-drizzled with caramel sauce.  And finally, you can't forget the all-important swizzle stick Martinis are famous for - except obviously instead of using olives, I decided on caramel candies.  They are the perfect icing on my literal drinking cake!  
What are you waiting for? Get shaking!
30ml kissed caramel Vodka
30ml vanilla Vodka
Fat-Free Half & Half
Half graham cracker, crumbed
Caramel icecream topping 
One tea/sp honey
Caramel candies (for swizzle sticks)
1. Smooth honey around edge of Martini glass.  Now roll glass in graham cracker crumbs until coated really well.
2. In a shaker, add both vodkas, three-quarters cup Half & Half, and a handful of ice.  Now shake until mixed well.
3. Drizzle caramel sauce all around the inside of your Martini glass.
4. As soon as you have shaken your drink, instantly pour into the glass.
5. Skewer a couple of caramel candies for garnish and serve.

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