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Choco Martini

Choco Martini

What you’ll need:

2 chocolate wafers

Chocolate syrup (any company)

2 ounces of chocolate milk

1 ounce of vanilla flavoured vodka

1 ounce crème-de-cocoa

How to make a Choco Martini:

  1. Place some chocolate wafers in a plastic bag make them in to crumbs by pounding them with a mallet of wooden pin.
  2. Now coat a small plate with the chocolate syrup in the shape of a circle and sprinkle the crumpled wafers over the chocolate syrup.
  3. Now you should take your martini glass and turn it upside down and insert the rims in the mixture and move back and forth. Continue with this step until the rim is fully coated. 
  4. Create a swirling design in the martini glass with the chocolate syrup and leave it to set in the freezer.
  5. Now we move on to the drink. Add the chocolate milk, ice , vanilla vodka and creme de cocoa to a blender and blend the mixture well.
  6. Take the glass out of the freezer and strain the mixture in to the glass and serve!

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