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Chocolate Jelly Shots

Chocolate Jelly Shots

What you will need:
Half a cup of water
Melted 3/8 cup of ice cream (vanilla)
2 packs of plain gelatine
¼ cup of Kahula
¼ cups of Bailey
1/8 cup of light rum
1/8 cup of dark rum
1/8 cup of amaretto
1/8 cup of coco lopez
Magic shell chocolate ice cream topper

How to make Chocolate Jelly Shots:
1. Take a saucepan and pour in the water and gelatine.
2. Let the gelatine soak for 2 minutes before you start the cooking process.
3. Add in the melted ice-cream and start cooking the mixture over a low heat.
4. Keep stirring till the mixture is dissolved which would take you 5 minutes at most.
5. Take off the heat and stir in the Coco Lopez, rum and the liqueurs.
6. Pour in a pan and refrigerate overnight.
7.  Cut out the jelly shot blocks and drizzle the ice-cream topper and pop in to the freezer for 30 seconds.
8. Refrigerate till you serve them to your guests.

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