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Chocolate Marshmallow Banana Boats

Chocolate Marshmallow Banana Boats

What You Need

• 8 teaspoons of trail mix
• 8 teaspoons of mini chocolate chips
• 4 large sized ripe bananas, unpeeled
• ¼ cup of miniature marshmallows

How to Prepare

• Crimp and shape heavy duty foils (12 inch squares) around the bananas.
• Cut the each banana along its length; make the cut ½ inches deep. Leave ½ inch uncut at each end.
• Gently open the cut wider to form a wider pocket.
• Fill each banana with marshmallows, chocolate chips and trail mix.
• Once covered, grill the bananas over moderate heat for around 5 minutes or till the marshmallows in the bananas melt and turn golden brown
• Now serve and enjoy!

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