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Chocolate Raspberry Mousse

Chocolate Raspberry Mousse

What you will need:

1.5 cups of skimmed milk

Half a cup of chocolate chips (dark)

A box of instant chocolate pudding

A pack of Yoplait Greek Fat Free honey vanilla yogurt

1.5 cups of whipped cream

1.5 cups of fresh raspberries

How to make chocolate raspberry mousse:

1. In a saucepan mix the chocolate chips and ¼ of a cup of the milk and cook on a low heat until the chocolate is completely melted.
2. With the remaining milk add in the pudding mix and beat in a bowl with a whisk for 2 minutes until mixture is thick and then stir in the yogurt.
3. Blend together the melted chocolate mix with this mixture and then fold in the whipped cream.
4. Spoon the mousse in to bowls and garnish with whipped cream and raspberries.

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