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Churro Ice cream sandwiches

Churro Ice cream sandwiches

These mexican churros are very popular and common in the US at 
fairs and people often can stand in line for hours to get
there hands on... This may not be the healthiest of treats but
we think it's ok if you treat yourself on the odd occasion :)

What you will need:

~ One cup of water
~ Two and a half Tblsp of white sugar
~ Half a teaspoon of salt
~ Two tablespoons of vegetable oil
~ One cup flour
~ 1.8 litre oil for frying
~ Half cup of white sugar ( or to taste )
~ A teasoon of ground cinnamon
~ Vanilla Ice cream 

How to make your churro Ice cream sandwhiches

1) Using a saucepan place it on medium heat
2) Combine your water, sugar , salt and vegetable oil
3) Bring this to a boil and then remove the sauce pan from heat
4) Place in your flour until you notice the mixture forms a ball
5) Heat your oil for frying in a deep skillet to 190c
6) Pipe your dough into the got oil using a pastry bag and shape
   them as you choose
7) Fry them until they have a golden look and then drain on 
   some paper towels
8) Mix half cup of sugar with your cinnamon and mix your churros
   in this mixture...
9) Place your vanilla ice cream in the middle of the churros and serve...

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