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Copycat hooters buffalo shrimp

Copycat Hooters Buffalo Shrimp


• Deveined and peeled bigger shrimps (Around 20)
• One beaten egg
• Sandwich mustard (One tablespoon)
• Creole seasoning (Couple of teaspoons)
• Black pepper (Couple of teaspoons)
• Garlic powder (Couple of teaspoons)
• Onion powder (Couple of teaspoons)
• Cooking oil
• Minced parsley
For corn flour batter
• Cornmeal (One cup)
• Flour (One cup)
• Creole seasoning (Couple of teaspoons)
• Black pepper (One teaspoon)
For Buffalo sauce
• Unsalted butter (One stick)
• Hot sauce (One cup)
• Lemon juice (Half)
• Garlic powder (One teaspoon)

Directions for Preparation

• Heat oil in a bigger pot at 175c
• Wash the shrimp, peel it and devein it.
• Mix mustard and egg together.
• Now take a bigger bowl and put the shrimps in it. Coat the shrimps with mustard/egg misture and spices. Set it aside.
For preparing corn flour
1. Take a freezer bag and put all the ingredients in it. Now shake it properly.
2. Take the shrimps and dip them in the corn flour and put them over hot oil.
3. Put 2 to 3 shrimps at a time.
4. Cook the shrimps for couple of minutes on both the sides.
5. Soak excess oil from shrimp with the help of paper napkin.
6. Now without wasting any time, toss your shrips into buffalo sauce.
For preparing buffalo sauce
1. Put all the ingredients in saucepan and boil. Now slow down the heat and allow them to simmer till the butter melts.
2. Stir the mixture properly.


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