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Delicious pull apart cheesy bread tutorial

Delicious pull apart cheesy bread tutorial

What you will need for your bread:

- Green onions
- Cheese
- Poppy Seeds
- Sourdough Bread
- Butter
- A Foil lined baking sheet

How to prepare:

1) Cut the sourdough bread both ways as shown in the picture but make sure you do not cut all the way to the bottom of it. It’s also important to have a sharp knife when doing this as the cutting is the hard part.
2) Place the cut load on your foil lined baking sheet
3) Cut up your cheese and place into where you have made the cuts in the bread
4) Chop you your green onions and mix them with some melted butter and poppy seeds and then drizzle it on top of and around your bread
5) Wrap the bread into foil and bake on 180c for approx 15min.
6) Unwrap your bread and then continue to bake it until you notice that the skin is crispy and your cheese has melted. This should take approx 10 min.

This is a great recipe and there are many other ingredients that you can experiment with… We hope you like it!

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