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DIY apple pie of roses

DIY Apple Pie of Roses



• Soft butter (125 g)

• Powdered sugar (70 g)

• Vanilla sugar (One packet)

• Grated orange peel (One teaspoon)

• One egg

• Finely ground almonds (100 g)

• Flour (150 g)


• Milk (400 ml)

• White wine (100 ml)

• Egg yolks (Three)

• Vanilla sugar (One packet)

• Grated orange peel (One teaspoon)

• Sugar (Six tablespoons)

• Flour (Four tablespoons)

• Apples (Five to six)

Directions for Preparation

1. First of all take some powered sugar, orange peel, vanilla sugar and soft butter, and beat them together. Now add some ground almonds and egg, and then add flour slowly such that soft dough is prepared.
2. Now take a greased baking pan (22/24cm) and sprinkle some flour in it. Transfer the dough in it and spread it uniformly. Put it in a refrigerator.
3. For preparing the cream, take a sauce pan and mix orange peel, vanilla sugar and flour in it. Add little milk and yolks and stir them till they become smooth enough. Add remaining milk & wine. Boil the mixture, while stirring continuously till it becomes thick enough. 
4. Take the apples and cut into long strips them with the help of a peeler. While doing so, make sure not to remove the crust.
5. Now wrap these strips in such a way that they take the shape of a rose.
6. Over the dough pour the cream and decorate it with apple rose.
7. Now take warm apricot jam and brush it on the apple rose. Bake the cake at pre-heated oven at 180 Celsius till the apples turn golden and dough is properly baked.

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