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Double Chocolate Pumpkin Cake

Double Chocolate Pumpkin Cake

What you will need:

1 cup of Yoplait Greek 100
1 cup sugar
1.5 cups of dark chocolate chips
Half a cup of cocoa powder
2 eggs
7 bars Oats -n- Dark Chocolate Granola Bars
1 can of pumpkin pie mix
7 tablespoons of butter
2 cups whipped cream for garnishing 

How to make a double chocolate pumpkin cake:
1. Start of by crushing the granola bars until they are very fine.
2.  Melt 3 tablespoons of butter and then add them to the crushed granola bars along with 3 tablespoons of sugar and stir until mixed.
3. Take a pie pan and press this mixture on the bottom.
4. Using a microwave, melt together the chocolate chips and 3 tablespoons of butter until melted and spread this mixture over the crust.
5. Now taking a large bowl mix together the pumpkin puree, cocoa powder, eggs, Yoplait and remaining butter and sugar.
6.  Pour this mixture on top of the chocolate layer.
7. Now bake this pie for 50 minutes at 350 degrees. 
8. Top with whipped cream and serve. 

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