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Fish Bowl Vodka Punch

Fish Bowl Vodka Punch

What you’ll need:

280 grams of vodka

280 grams of coconut rum

170 grams of Blue Curacao liqueur

340 grams of sweet-and-sour mix

560 grams of pineapple juice

900 grams of lemon- lime soda

Blue food colouring

3 small fish bowls

1 box of nerds candy

12-16 Swedish fish candies

Ice 3 Slices of lemon, lime and oranges

9 drinking straws

How to make fish bowl vodka punch:

1. Mix the liquors along with the pineapple juice, soda, food color (a few drops) and sweet and sour mix in a large container and refrigerate until you decide to serve the drinks.

2. Divide nerd candies in to three fish bowls and place them at the bottom of each.

3. Add in the ice to the containers and arrange the fish.

4. Add the punch to the containers and top off with fruits.

5. Top the whole thing off with lemon-lime soda.

6. Serve!

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