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Flaming vodka jelly marshmallows

Flaming Vodka Jelly Marshmallows 

Here is a unique idea for your next celebration or for when you have friends over next.

How to prepare:

1) Carve out a small cube hole in the middle of each marshmallow 

2) Prepare your Jelly using your favourite jelly mix (Follow instructions on the box, and add some vodka if you choose into the jelly mix)

3) Carve out the middle of each marshmallow 

4) Let the jelly cool before you pour it into the middle of the marshmallows.

5) Once you have filled each marshmallow place them into the fridge so the jelly can set.

6) Once ready place a stick into each of them and place them on a serving tray

7) Toast them quickly over your fire 

8) Blow the fire out, and eat and enjoy!


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