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Gorgeous Dessert Cups

Gorgeous Dessert Cups

What you'll need:

Candy melts (any color you prefer)

Small Balloons

How to make a dessert cup:

1. Melt candies in a deep dish on a stove or use a microwave (in a micro wave cook for 30 seconds). During this process stir consistently

.2. Now you need to blow up some small balloons so that you can form the shape of a small bowl.

3. Dip each balloon into the melted candy mixture only to create a small dish shape with the candy on the balloon

.4. Set them on a cookie sheet to dry and then to make the little cups more sturdy dip them in them in the mixture once more.

5. Leave to set in the refrigerator.

6. Now in order to remove the balloons simply pop them and remove from the cups.

7. Serve these tasty cups by filling them up with ice cream and garnish them.

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