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Grass-Hopper Cocktail

Grass-Hopper Cocktail

What you’ll need: (The drink has three parts)

1 part creme de menthe liqueur (green colour)

1 part half & half

1 part vodka

1 cupcake flavoured Magic Shell ice cream topping

Red liquid food colouring

Plastic squeeze bottle

How to make a grasshopper cocktail:

  1. To start off you will need to put the cocktail glasses in the freezer to chill. (10 minutes should be enough)
  2. Combine all the cocktail ingredients in a large pitcher and stir. Place this mixture in the refrigerator and let it get cold.
  3. Now in the squeeze bottle pour in the cupcake flavoured ice-cream topping but leave enough space for you to be able to shake it to be able to mix in the red food colouring. (Try to achieve a nice red colour shown in the picture)
  4. Take out the glasses from the freezer and using the squeeze bottle create some swirly designs on the inside of the glass. Place these glasses back in the freezer till you decide to serve the cocktails.
  5. Fill with the chilled cocktail mixture and enjoy!

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