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Healthy Brownies

Healthy 85 Calorie Brownies


• 2 cups zucchini (Finely grated)

• Brown sugar (One cup)

• Unsweetened applesauce (1 1/3 cups)

• Couple of eggs

• Vanilla (Couple of teaspoons)

• Flour (2/3 cup)

• Cocoa powder (One cup)

• Baking soda (Couple of teaspoons)

• Baking powder (1 ½ teaspoons)

• Cinnamon (Half a teaspoon)

• Salt (half a teaspoon)

• Nuts or chocolate chips (One cup)

• Melted together=Chocolate chips (Half a cup)+Butterscotch chips (Half a cup)+Peanut butter (Half a cup)


Directions for Preparation

1. Grease a pan (9x13”) and then heat the oven at 175c

2. Now mix sugar, eggs, vanilla and applesauce all together

3. Mix other ingredients together and then add this mixture to the wet ingredients

4. Add nuts or chocolate chips, and stir properly

5. Now bake it for next 55 minutes

6. Once baked, cool it down at normal temperature and apply frosting

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