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How to have the most amazing backyard in the street

How to have the most amazing backyard in the street

We received a call from a customer a few weeks back asking for some suggestions about how they could light up there back yard. We spoke with them and gave them a few great ideas.  About a week ago I received a very happy phone call from this nice lady letting us know that they had neighbours and people from the street actually knocking on there door as they wanted to know how  they had lit up there backyard and also what they had done to there front yard..


The first suggestion we made was to use a waterproof garden landscape light.. We are the exclusive distributor for these lights and they have actually been featured in a few magazines and on a few various TV shows lately.. These really are amazing. I would recommend you check out the video of them in action..

Garden Landscape waterproof laser light

Another suggestion we made was to create a nice fairy sparkle feature was to use these Solar Sparkle Lights

And the other suggestion that we suggested was to scatter some of these LED multicolour beach balls around the backyard.. ( These also look great inside or placed around your backyard..  They are fully waterproof also so can be used in the pool )

You can also have special-effect just likes meteor shower or falling rain in the night sky with Amazing Falling Rain Lights

nother Suggestion would be Highbright™ Solar Garden Disk Lights

Another Suggestion is the Unique Outdoor Tree Faces Bird Feeders

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