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How to make 5 minute fudge

How to make 5 minute fudge

                This is just SOOOOO EASY & QUICK we couldn't NOT share it with you all!! It literally takes all of 5 MINUTES to makes this gooey, chocolately, sweet sensation and if you can hold yourself off for just say....10 minutes 'till she's STILL gooey & warm but not so hot she'll burn the roof of your mouth off (that's how divine it looks!!) then you will have yourself an absolutely delightful dessert to have with your morning cuppa - THAT'S HOW QUICK IT IS.

               For those times when family or friends do the "drop-in" with no warning and you don't even have a packet of bikkies to offer them - THAT'S HOW QUICK IT IS! Or for those times the kids give you the school note 'ON THE MORNING OF' that you're required to bring a "Party Treat" to school THAT day - THAT'S HOW LITERALLY QUICK IT IS!!! TRY this 5 MINUTE FUDGE - YOU WON'T REGRET IT ;)


175 gm milk chocolate chips

One cup chopped nuts

Sixteen Marshmallows (LARGE)

Two-Thirds cup evaporated milk

One & two-thirds cups white sugar

One Tea/Sp Vanilla Extract

One Tab/Sp Unsalted butter

Half Tea/Sp Salt


1. In a medium saucepan, add together the butter, milk, sugar & salt.
2. Mix well, bringing to the boil - cook for Five minutes, CONSTANTLY stirring the mixture.
3. Next, drop in your chocolate chips. Cook this combination until the chips have melted.
4. Immediately remove your pan from the heat. Next - add your vanilla extract, nuts & marshmallows, stirring into a nice mixture.
5. Now pour this mixture into an Eight-inch pan.
6. Allow 10 minutes to cool then cut into squares.

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