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How to make a Blackberry Cinnamon Roll Cake

How to make a Blackberry Cinnamon Roll Cake


For Batter
• Active dry yeast (One packet)
• Warm milk (Two-third cup)
• All purpose flour (One and a half cup)
• Sugar (One-third cup)
• Salt (One-fourth teaspoon)
• Vegetable oil (Three tablespoons)
• Vanilla extract (Half teaspoon)
• One big egg
For Filling/Topping
• 3 tbsp butter (Three tablespoons)
• Brown sugar (Three-fourth cup)
• Ground cinnamon (One to two teaspoons)
• Slightly mashed up blackberries (One-third cup)
• Six halved blackberries
For Icing
• Powdered sugar (One cup)
• Milk (One to two tablespoons)
• A pinch of salt

Directions for Preparation
1. Take a round cake pan (8×2 inches) and cover it with couple of long strips of foil (x-shape) and allow their ends to hang over the pan’s edges. Spray some non-stick oil over the foil.
2. Take warn milk and mix yeast and sugar (one tbs) in a cup. Set it aside till the mixture becomes foamy.
3. Mix remaining sugar, flour and salt in a big bowl.
4. Now add some vanilla, egg and oil to the yeast mixture and mix properly.
5. Pour this liquid mixture in flour mixture and mix them together properly. Now pour them into a pan and set it aside for next 15 minutes.
For Filling/Topping
6. Mix butter, cinnamon and brown sugar in a smaller bowl. After the dough has rested add some topping and mashed blackberries over it. Press blackberries on the dough gently.
7. Put the pan in a cold oven and bake for next half an hour at 175c degrees. Once the cake has turned brown in the edges, remove it from the oven and allow it cool down for next half an hour.
For Icing
8. Mix milk, powdered sugar and a pinch of salt together till they become smooth enough. Now add some sugar and milk and drizzle some icing over the cake.

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