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How to make a jelly bean cocktail

How to make a jelly bean cocktail

Jelly beans were allways a great treat as a child so why not enjoy them as an adult in a jelly bean cocktail…

This cocktail doesn’t require much effort but the reward is very much worth it…

What you will need

60ml of cake flavoured vodka
15ml of maraschino liqueur
A few drops of grenadine
Your favourite coloured jelly beans
Cocktail Shaker

How to prepare:

1) Take your cocktail shaker and fill with ice
2) Add in your cake flavoured vodka and maraschino liqueur
3) Shake until the mixture is chilled – You can tell this from
noticing a slight frost on the outside of your cocktail shaker
4) Pour into a martini glass ( Use a flashing martini glass for extra effect )
5) Add in a few drops of grenadine
6) Crush up approx 3 jelly beans and mix in and add an additional 2 full jelly beans for garnish.


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