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How to make an amazing kit kat cake

How to make an amazing kit kat cake

Ingredients for Whipped Chocolate Ganache:

• Heavy cream (Couple of cups)
• Confectioner’s sugar (Half a cup)
• Partially sweet chocolate (One pound)
• Vanilla extract (One teaspoon)

Directions for Preparation:

1. Take a saucepan and heat the confectioner’s sugar and cream together at medium heat. Now take a mixing bowl and pour the mixture in it and then add some chocolate to it. Wait for next 5 minutes and then stir the mixture till it becomes smooth.
2. Now take a bigger bowl and fill it with ice & water. Place the previous bowl with mixture over this new bowl and allow the mixture to cool down. Wait for 5 minutes and then put the mixture in a mixer and whisk it till it becomes fluffy and lighter in color. Your Whipped Chocolate Ganache is ready.
Ingredients for Cake
• White cake mix batter (2 boxes)
• Whipped chocolate ganache
• Mini Kit Kat bars (Around 34 bars)
Directions for Preparation
1. Pre heat an oven at 350 degrees temperature. Now take a rimmed baking sheet (13×18 inch) and grease it, and then you can line the bottom with the help of a parchment. Take a pan and spread the batter over it and bake it. Once baked, allow it to cool down for next 40 minutes.
2. Now cut the cake into three equal pieces (4 ½ inch each) and cut each piece in a horizontal manner into six layers.
3. Take a serving platter and place the first layer of cake over it. Spread a thin layer of whipped chocolate ganache over this first layer and continue with remaining 5 layers of cake. Now frost the outer part of the cakes.
4. You can now decorate the edges of cake with Kit Kat bars. Decorate the top of cake with sliced Kit Kat bars. Once done, place the cake in the refrigerator until cool enough. Your Kit Kat cake is ready to be served now!

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