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How to make an ice cream cheeseburger

The Chilly Cheeseburger Recipe


During summer season, people should eat foods that can help them to refresh themselves while enjoying the warm temperature that comes from the sun. Aside from creamy shakes and soft drinks, people can also invent their own recipes while aiming to keep themselves cool and refreshed in the whole period of summer season.

The following are the recipe instructions for the famous “Chilly Cheeseburger” that the consumers can try during summer seasons:
1. In a huge mixing bowl, pour Betty Crocker butter recipe yellow cake mix. Add softened butter in the yellow cake mix and stir it to form a special mixture. Add two eggs in the mixture and pour three tablespoons of milk in it. Stir the added ingredients together with the mixture to combine. The combination of these ingredients must produce thick and sticky dough which can be used for baking.
2. Get a clean baking sheet and place it on a flat surface. With the use of a tablespoon, try to scoop limited amounts of dough from the mixing bowl and transfer it to the baking sheet. Make several dough scoops if necessary. If the needed dough scoops are already complete in the baking sheet, sprinkle sesame seeds on the top of it.
3. Prepare a 175c degree oven and store the dough scoops in it together with the baking sheet for almost eleven minutes. Wait for the dough scoops to turn into cookies. If the color is already golden brown, remove it immediately from the oven. With the use of a spatula, try to flatten the cookies to form a set of buns which can be used for the chilly cheeseburgers. Set aside the cookie buns and let it cool.


This ice cream cheeseburger recipe is a must try at your next party!

4. While waiting for the cookie buns to get cool, focus on the creation of the cream burgers. It can only be executed with the use of a plastic wrap and a huge amount of ice cream. Scoop ice cream from its main storage and place it in a plastic wrap. Try to flatten the ice cream to form a cream burger and cover it with the plastic wrap. Place the cream burgers in a freezer for almost one hour to make it firm.

5. For the needed cheese and lettuce, it will be better to use the combination of white chocolate and confectionery wafers. The stated ingredients must be placed in a safe microwave bowl. Heat the ingredients for almost forty minutes. After forty minutes, check if the ingredients were already melted and remove it immediately in the microwave. Stir the melted ingredients while waiting for it to get cool. If the chocolate is already cool, add corn syrup in it. 

6. Stir the combination of corn syrup and chocolate to remove the imperfections. If the mixture looks dry, add small amounts of corn syrup in it while stirring. And if the mixture looks greasy, let it cool for almost fifteen minutes. If the mixture is already in its perfect form, try to knead it in a granite counter.

7. The kneaded portions of the chocolate and corn syrup mixture must be wrapped in a plastic wrap. Place the kneaded chocolates in a room which has a very low temperature to keep its good texture.

8. The kneaded chocolates need to be provided with colors. Such things can only be made possible with the use of coloring products. Choose orange and green this time. Wear clean food handling gloves and try to knead once again the chocolate in the food coloring paste or gel to achieve the desired shade of color to apply in its composition.

9. If the process of applying colors in the chocolate is already done, the next thing that a person must do to create a chilly cheeseburger is to cut the needed slits. This process can be executed with the use of a cutter and a gallon sized zip top bag.

10. With the kitchen tools that were stated in step 9, form the needed ingredients for the chilly cheeseburgers. Use the orange portion for the cheese. And the green portion must be used to form several examples of lettuce for the target product. Get the buns and add Betty Crocker Red Cookie Icing on it. The bottom buns must be provided with lettuce and the top buns must be provided with cheese.

11. Get the frozen cream burgers from the freezer and unwrap each one of it. Each bottom of the bottom buns with lettuce must be provided with the cream burgers. After the process of distributing the cream burger, the next thing to do is to place the top buns together with the cheese on the top of the cream burgers. If the chilly cheeseburgers are already done, return it in the freezer and let it cool for an hour.

It is important to keep that frozen texture of cream burgers for this product since it is one of the most special features of this food. The only way to do it is to place it in a freezer for an hour. The consumers can already serve their chilly cheeseburgers on their dining tables and outdoor picnics if already frozen. It is nice to eat chilly cheeseburgers during summer seasons because it serves as a special form of dessert. 

Try this amazing set of chilly cheeseburger recipe instructions now and see how it can make summer seasons more enjoyable and full of refreshing moments. This is the best way to keep  cool while enjoying the warm temperature that comes during the hotter months. The recipe is pretty simply to make so don't be afraid to give this recipe a try.

The needed ingredients for this recipe are not expensive. That’s why, people can try it anytime as long as their main target is to keep themselves cool and refreshed this summer season. No other recipes in the internet nowadays can surpass the quality of taste that the chilly cheeseburger has. It is the only type of burger that can make summer season really cool and more enjoyable.    

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