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How to make an owl cake

How to make an owl cake

What you will need:

• Two round cake layers (6 inches)
• Bake cake layer (One half)
• Chocolate frosting (Couple of cups)
• Cake platter of foil cake board (8 inch)
• Round decorator’s tip (1A)
• Colored fondant (Few balls)
• Round cutters (1 1/2 inch, 2 inch, & 3/4 inch)

Directions for Preparation:
1. First of all bake your cakes
2. Put the layers together with icing between them. Now put a coat of crumb over these cakes. Put it in the fridge.
3. Take the fondant and color them to make the owl’s belly. You can choose any color you like.
4. Take the balls and cut circles out of them with the help of 1 ½ inch cutter. Now you require 5 dark, 4 1/2 medium/dark, 4 medium/light, and 3 light. Begin from the bottom and use the darkest color and place them randomly over the cake.
5. After putting belly feathers, it’s time to frost the bird. Put IA round tip on the decorator bag’s bottom and apply frosting.
6. Use piping dots around the cake’s bottom.
7. With the help of spatula adjust the ball & swipe upwards.
8. Now apply a row of dots just on top of the first row and follow the same procedure with each row till you reach the top.
9. Now it’s time to make beak and eyes of owl. With the help of golden-yellow fondant you can make little round cone and cut it to make beak. For eyes you need 2” circle cutter to cut base of eye and 1 ½ inch to cut black part of eyes. To make the bird’s claw you need to roll six small balls.
10. Put the eyes first, then beak and finally the yellow balls for claws on the cake.
11. For ears cut couple of triangles (contrasting colors) and put them on top of cake.

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