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How to make baked thai chicken wings

How to Cook Baked Thai Chicken Wings


• Chicken drummettes (Total 24)
• Extra virgin olive oil (Couple of tablespoons)
• Creole seasoning (One tablespoon)
• Black pepper (Half a tablespoon)
• Garlic powder (Half a tablespoon)
• Onion powder (Half a tablespoon)
• Chili powder (Half a tablespoon)

For Thai Wing Sauce:

• Couple of diced Thai chilies
• Juice limes (Total three)
• Sugar (Half a cup)
• Soy sauce (One fourth cup)
• Rice wine vinegar (One tablespoon)
• Grated ginger (one tablespoon)
• Red chili sauce (One tablespoon)
• Minced garlic (One teaspoon)

Directions for Preparation

1. Turn oven on and pre heat it at 200c
2. Wash the chicken, pat it dry and then put in a big bowl
3. Mix the chicken properly with rest of the ingredients
4. Bake it for next 40 minutes, while doing so make sure to turn if after 20 minutes
5. Once 40 minute is over, you can turn the oven to broil
6. Pour in some Thai wing sauce over the chicken and broil it for next 5 minutes
7. Turn the chicken and add some more Thai wing sauce, and allow it to broil for additional 5 minutes.
For preparing Thai Wing Sauce:
• Just put all the ingredients in a pan and heat till the mixture boils. Now for next three minutes in a low heat allow to simmer. 


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