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How to make brownie ice cream cupcakes

How to make brownie ice cream cupcakes

What you will need:

- Your favourite cookie dough ice cream
- Brownie batter ( Using any recipe you like best )
- cooking spray
- Chocolate sauce 
- Sprinkles to garnish

How to make brownie bowl ice cream cupcakes:

1) Prepare your brownie batter by following the recipe of your choice
2) Spray your muffin tin with the cooking spray
3) Fill in your brownie batter you hae made into each cup 2/3 full.
4) Using your 2nd muffin tin spray this also with cooking spray and then place onto the top of your 1st muffin tin.
5) Put this into your oven and cook as per the instructions on the brownie recipe packet
6) Once cooked and the bowls have cooled place on your ice cream and then add your chocolate sauce and sprinkles.


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