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How to make delicious cheesy garlic sticks


Tell me one person who doesn't love  a good garlic bread?? And one topped with loads of cheese is even better.  This recipe allows you to make your own Cheesy Garlic Sticks, flavoursome and filling enough to even make it into the main meal!! Read on.


~One pre-made pizza base

~One ball of mozzarella cheese

~One tab/sp minced garlic

~Olive Oil

~Italian Spices


1. Put your pizza base onto your pizza pan.  Then brush over lightly over the dough with your olive oil.
2. Next, pull apart your mozzarella cheese or cut into small pieces and spread evenly over your pizza base.
3. Again, evenly spread your minced garlic over the cheese.  Also here use a little of the oil from the garlic to drizzle over your base so far.
4. To top it off, sprinkle with your Italian spices.
5. Put in the oven to bake at 220 C for twelve-eighteen minutes or until cheese is just golden

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