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How to make drunken vodka gummy bears

Drunken Vodka Gummy Bears

These gummy bears are a lot different from the average gummy bear shots you will find at events. These are not vodka soaked gummies. These gummy bears have been prepared and molded with vodka. Yes, that’s right! You will taste vodka with each bite

Vodka soaked gummy bears can get messy very quickly. They are usually super sticky. There is no need to worry about that with this recipe.


 2 3oz packages sugar-free Jell-O I used Strawberry and Peach
3/4 cup vodka

Instructions Before placing a saucepan over heat, pour the vodka in the pan. Add the Jell-O to the vodka and stir until the Jell-O has dissolved. The liquid will start to become thick. Continue to stir or whisk until all of the Jell-O is completely dissolved. Heat the saucepan on low. Do not allow the Jell-O to boil. Continue to stir until the mixture is of liquid consistency. Bring the saucepan to low heat, careful not to let the mixture boil, stirring continuously. Stir, stir, stir! You want to make sure there aren't any Jell-O clumps in the mixture. Turn off the heat from the stove. Leave the pan on the burner with the heat. The mixture should stay warm. Using an eyedropper, fill the gummy bear molds with the Jell-O. Keep in mind the Jell-O needs to stay warm, work quickly. Place the gummy bear molds in the fridge for 60 minutes. Remove and serve! Recipe Notes The gummy bears will need to be stored in the fridge after they have molded. Be careful not to leave the gummy bears sitting out in room temperature for long periods of time Preparing Vodka Gummy Bears
What you need:
- Vodka
-  Gummy bears kit

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