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How to make ice cream cookie sandwiches

How to make ice cream cookie sandwiches


• Melted Butter (Half a cup)
• Espresso powder (Half a teaspoon)
•  Brownie Mix (One family size box)
• Couple of big eggs
• Water (Couple of tablespoons)
• Nuts, cookie crumbs or sprinkles

Directions for Preparation
1. Pre heat an oven till it reaches 175c. Now take couple of baking pan (9 by 13 inches) and line it with a parchment paper or nonstick foil.
2. To make the brownie richer in taste, you can use espresso powder by mixing it in the melted butter, and later combining it with eggs, water & brownie mix.
3. Stir fifty times. However, you will still see some lumps in the mixture.
4. Take a pan (9 x 13) and spread uniformly half of the batter over it. Now take another pan and spread remaining batter over it.
5. Bake it for next 12 to 14 minutes at 3500 and then set it aside to cool down.
6. Take an ice cream carton, remove its lid and with the help of a serrated knife cut the whole carton lengthwise into half equal parts. This way you will be able to remove the ice-cream from the carton without any trouble.
7. Take off the carton and place both the ice-creams on the whole brownie over baking pan.
8. Wait for a while till the ice-cream becomes soft enough to be spread easily over brownie.
9. Now remove the remaining brownie from the pan and place it upside down over the ice-cream. However, make sure to press it carefully in order to secure ice cream. Cover it up and put it in the freezer for next 4-6 hours.
10. Now remove it from the freezer and cut it into 10 equal rectangular halves such that they appear like ice-cream sandwiches.
11. To make them appear more tempting, you can garnish them with cookie sprinkles or nuts.
12. Wrap them separately with a plastic wrap and place them in a big zip top bag.
13. Your brownie ice-cream sandwiches are now ready and can be stored in a freezer for a whole month.

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