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How to make pizza fries

How to make pizza fries

                 Ok, so here's a food issue everybody is guilty of:  you can't shove that pizza into your mouth fast enough but the problem is you've only got two hands & two eyes that are glued to the game...and you can't decide which is more important!!!!!!  So you end up with pizza sauce not only sliding off both your hands but embarrassingly oozing down your chin, dribbling onto your white shirt and there's probably some mess on the furniture just for good measure!!! Kinda takes the enjoyment out of that pepperoni & cheese you'd been dreaming about all day long doesn't it? 

                  Well not to worry, I've found the perfect solution.  They're almost like a "hands free" pizza - we call them Pizza Fries! The perfect finger food for your part...Your  cheesy and flaky pizza-filled Pie Crust will instead be baked into yummy, easy to handle fries.  All you need now are your fingers - not two hands - and you can watch the game unimpeded and cheer away while enjoying that pepperoni & cheese to the fullest... no mess, no fuss, no loss of the all-important pizza down the front of your shirt!!


One container of Pillsbury Pie crusts

Half cup shredded mozzarella

Pepperoni slices (+ any other fillings you desire)

Half cup marinara sauce for filling + reserve some for dipping

One tea/sp olive oil

Grated parmesan cheese for dusting top

Oregano + any other spices you desire


1. Roll out your pie crusts.
2. Spread your marinara sauce evenly over the bottom crust.
3. Now dot the pepperoni over the bottom crust + any added fillings if using.  Then sprinkle your mozzarella evenly.
4. Add your top crust, brush lightly with olive oil + sprinkle your parmesan over this one, then your oregano + any other spices you want to use.
5. To make fries: slice roughly 1/2" in width, then 1 slice across to make 3/4" length fries.
6. Pre-heat your oven to 180 C, & after placing the crusts on baking paper in a tray put in oven for 30 mins or until feintly golden.
7. The cheese will leak a little, but simply squish it back into the sides. Trust me: when they cool, these cheesy edges will be the fries everybody fights over ;)
8. Best served slightly warm with marinara sauce for dipping

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