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How to make Pizza Joes

How to make Pizza Joes


• Bulk Italian sausage(One pound)
• Lean ground beef (One pound)
• One chopped big onion
• One chopped green pepper
• Three chopped cloves of garlic
• Chopped  fresh mushrooms (Six Ounces)
• Salt & black pepper 
• Red pepper flakes (Half a teaspoon)
• Worcestershire sauce(One tablespoon)
• Brown sugar (Couple of tablespoons)
• Pizza sauce (28 ounces)
• Water (Half a cup)
• Chopped turkey pepperoni (Four ounces)
• Six big kaiser rolls 
• Mozzarella cheese slices (Twelve ounces)

Directions for Preparation

1. Take a big skillet and cook together onion, sausage, mushrooms, ground beef, garlic, pepper, preen pepper, red pepper flakes, and salt till the meat becomes brown and crumbled enough. Now drain the excess fat!
2. Add water, brown sugar, Worcestershire and pizza sauce and stir till properly mixed.
3. Boil this mixture and then in a low heat allow it to simmer for next 15 minutes till it becomes thick enough.
4. Now remove this mixture from the heat and add some chopped pepperoni and stir it.
5. You can serve this mixture over toasted buns with mozzarella cheese slices. 

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