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How To Make Rainbow Spaghetti

How To Make Rainbow Spaghetti

What you will need for Spaghetti:

Dry spaghetti
Food color (Liquid) ( Suggestion: Organic natural food colouring )
Zip top bags

1. First of cook the pasta as you would normally following the instructions.
2. Take a ziptop bag and add two table spoons of water along with food colour. (repeat process for the desired amount of colours you want in your pasta)
3. One the pasta is cooked drain it and rinse with cold water.
4. Add portions of the pasta to the ziptop bags and seal.
 5. Zip the top and using your hands carfully combine the colour in the pasta and let the pasta absore the colour for a minute.
6. Repeat for all colours.
7. One at a time take pasta out of bags and back in to the colander and rinse with cold water to remove extra food colouring.
8. Toss the pasta around and combine the colours together and enjoy!

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