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How to make your own homemade nutella

How to make your own homemade nutella


• Chopped milk chocolate (12 ounces)
• Marcona almonds (One cup)
• Canola oil (2-3 tablespoons)
• Powdered sugar (Three tablespoons)
• Unsweetened cocoa powder (One tablespoon)
• Vanilla extract (Half a teaspoon)
• Sea salt (1/4 to ½ teaspoon)

Directions for Preparation
1. Take a double boiler with simmering water and place chocolate chips over it. Melt the chocolate chips completely and stir till it becomes smooth. Set the chocolate aside for cooling.
2. Take a processor and put the almonds in it. Now process them till they are finely grounded. Continue the grounding them till it becomes creamy like almond butter or peanut butter.
3. Now add some cocoa, vanilla, chocolate, cocoa and oil and process them together till they are mixed properly. You can now add some salt as per your taste.
4. Take a jar and pour this Nutella into it. Allow it to cool down at normal room temperature. Once cool, you can put the lid and store it in your kitchen or any other place at normal room temperature for future use. However, make sure to finish it within couple of weeks. Never store it in refrigerator, as it will make the Nutella very hard.

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