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Kiwi Strawberry Mojitos

Kiwi Strawberry Mojitos

What you will need:
One and a half cups of chopped strawberries
One and a half cups of chopped kiwi
Three tablespoons of simple syrup
Eight fresh mint leaves
90 millilitres of Rum
Three and a half cups of crushed ice
Sliced strawberries and kiwis
Mint leaves (for garnish)

How to make:
1. In a blender add the strawberries, simple syrup, Four mint leaves, a shot of rum, half of the crushed ice and blend until well combined looks slushy.
2. Pour this strawberry mojito mixtue in to three glasses half way through.
3. Start the same process only replacing the strawberries with the kewis.
4. Now pour this kiwi mojito over the strawberry mojito and garnish with fresh slices of kiwi, strawberry and mint.
5. Enjoy.

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