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Layered Oreo and Nutella Popsicles



- 6-10 Crushed Oreo’s

- 2/3 cup of heavy whipping cream

- 1 Cup of Cool Whipped Topping (thawed)

- 1 tbsp of sugar

- 1 tsp of vanilla

- Oreo Crumbs for garnish.

- Shot Glasses, any cup, or popsicle mould.

- Popsicle Sticks


Using a large bowl add heavy whipping cream, whipped cream, sugar, and smashed Oreos and blend well. Pour the mix into a shot glass, add Oreo crumbs on top and freeze for approximately 1hr then add the popsicle sticks.
Freeze for the next 2hrs.

To eliminate the popsicles from glass/mould.

Add warm water to a little bowl and insert the popsicles to soften for 1-6 seconds.

Layer ONE- Oreo Popsicle Mix
Layer TWO – Chopped Hazelnuts
Layer THREE- Melted Nutella
Layer FOUR- Oreo Popsicle Mix
Layer FIVE – Chopped Hazelnuts
Layer SIX – Melted Nutella
Layer SEVEN – Oreo Popsicle Mix

Layer EIGHT – Oreo Crumbs

After that freeze icon smile LAYERED OREO & NUTELLA POPSICLES

Hopefully you liked this popsicle. Happy Summer!

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