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Malbec chocolate truffles

Malbec chocolate truffles

Ingredients needed

  • Cocoa
  • Heavy whipping cream
  • Barefoot malbec
  • Semi-sweet chocolate

Instructions on how to make them:

Step one: get your chocolate chopped up. Place the chopped up chocolate into a bowl.

Next: get your heavy whipping cream, slowly cook below boiling point in a saucepan.

Next: add the wine to the chocolate while you wait for heavy cream to simmer.

Next: pour the whipping cream into the bowl containing the chocolate and malbec once you have noticed that the whipping cream has started to simmer. Allow it to rest for about 3 minutes.

Next: once the 3 minutes are completed, do mix the ingredients and ensure they bare nicely and smoothly mixed.

Next: you should leave the chocolate mixture to chill over a night after you must have covered the bowl with a plastic wrap.

Take note: before you finally get the mixture out of the fridge, it will be good if you can sift the cocoa.

Next: it is time to grab your cookie scoop and Start scooping out some chocolate balls. I began by coating the palms of my hands with the sifted cocoa then, scoop out the chocolate mixture, you should roll it into balls. Though this was messy but it got it done.

Next: you can go ahead and begin to serve once you are ready but allow your  truffles to chill a bit. Bear in mind that they will begin to get too soft if you allow it to stay at room temperature for too long.

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