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Marble Jelly Shots

Marble Jelly Shots

What you’ll need:

2 boxes of purple gelatin (grape)

1 1/4 cups of water (for the pink gelatin)

4 packets of plain gelatin

1 3/4 cups of vodka (flavoured cotton candy, vanilla or gummy take your pick!)

4 Tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk

Bright pink liquid good colouring

Non-stick baking spray

Whipped cream



How to make marble jelly shots:

  1. You will need two pans in which you will spray the non-stick spray and wipe it with a paper tissue so that a thin layer of oil is left.
  2. Prepare the purple grape flavoured geletin and pour it in to one of the two prepared pans.
  3. Refrigerate for about 90 minutes.
  4. After 90 minutes take the purple geletin out and scramble it with a spoon or a fork (like scrambled eggs). Refrigerate for another 30 minutes.
  5. Now take a saucepan and add the plain geletin in to the water and let it soak.
  6. Heat this mixture on a low heat while constantly stirring until the gelatine is dissolved.
  7. Remove from heat and stir in the condensed milk and vodka. Then quickly add in the pink food colour to achieve the colour as shown in the picture.
  8. Pour in to the second tin.
  9. Let the pink geletin cool off a bit so that the purple geletin does not melt.
  10. Now add in the scrambled purple geletin in to the pink using your fingers.
  11. Refrigerate overnight.
  12. Cut out neat squares.
  13. Garnish with whipped cream, sprinkles, gumdrops or other candies.

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