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Marshmallow Fudge

Marshmallow Fudge

What you will need:

14 oz of sweet condensed milk

12 oz of chocolate chips

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

A cup of mini marshmallows

How to make Marshmallow Fudge:

1. Grease a pan with butter and set aside. 

2. Now mix the condensed milk with the chocolate chips in a saucepan and stir constantly on a low heat till the chocolate has completely melted.

3. Once the mixture has a nice and smooth texture remove it from the stove.

4. Now stir in the vanilla extract and the marshmallows so that the marshmallows are completely covered. (Don’t stir too much it will dissolve the marshmallows)

5. Pour the fudge in the pan and to level it out tap lightly on the counter top a few times.

6. Refrigerate for a 3 hours and cut in to one inch blocks.

7. Enjoy!

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