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Nutella Stuffed Croissants

Nutella Stuffed Croissants


• Thawed puff pastry (Couple of sheets)

• Nutella (One cup)

• Beaten up egg with one tablespoon of water

• Confectioner sugar

Directions for preparation

1. Heat the oven at 240c
2. Now place the puff pastry over a surface that has been slightly sprinkled by flour. Roll it and then cut it into tiny bits (one inch at all 4 sides). Cut it into four squares and then cut the each square diagonally into half. In the end you will have eight triangles from each piece. Now gently press the triangles one by one with your hand, so that they get into precise shape with pointed side at the center.
3. On the largest end put one tablespoon of nutella and then take egg wash and brush it all over the edges and roll again. However, while doing so try to seal the sides if possible.
4. Now transfer them to a baking sheet that has been lined with parchment paper. Brush some egg wash on it for 10-15 minutes till it turns golden brown. 
5. Now sprinkle some confectioner sugar and your Nutella Stuffed Croissants is ready.

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