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Quick Vanilla Strawberry Dessert

Quick Vanilla Strawberry Dessert

What You Need

• 1 thawed loaf of frozen pound cake of around 305 grams
• 2 cups of sliced fresh strawberries
• 1 ½ cups of 2% milk, cold
• 1 pack of instant vanilla pudding, around 100 grams
• 2 divided cups of whipped topping
• 1 teaspoon of sugar


How to Prepare

• Mix the strawberries and the sugar in a small bowl and let them stand for 30 minutes.
• While the strawberries rest, whisk the milk and pudding mix for 2 minutes in a large bowl. Let this mixture rest for 2 minutes or till it is softly set. Mix in 1 cup of whipped topping and set this mixture aside.
• Cut the cake into 14 equal slices.
• Put a layer of 2 tablespoons of strawberries and 1/3 cup of pudding mixture on 7 of the slices and top with another slice. Top the upper slice with strawberries and some more whipped topping.
• Now serve and enjoy!

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