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Rainbow Shaded Pudding

Rainbow Shaded Pudding

What you’ll need:

1 box of vanilla instant pudding (prepared)

Liquid food colouring (red, yellow, blue, green and purple)

Whipped cream Rainbow sprinkles

How to make Rainbow Shaded Pudding:

1. In six separate bowls place the prepared pudding.

2. Now add to each bowl 2 drops of the liquid food colourings of your choice. (Tip- for orange colour mix yellow and red. On drop each).

3. Now layer on the pudding by using a table spoon and add two tables spoons of the mixture. Repeat this step for each colour. Tap on glass or bowl your serving to flatten out each layer.

4. Refrigerate until set.

5. When ready to serve top with whipped cream and sprinkles to give a more rainbow like effect.

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