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Rainbow Sprinkle Vodka Shots

Rainbow Sprinkle Vodka Shots


A packet of cherry gelatin dessert
A packet of orange gelatin dessert
A packet of lemon gelatin dessert
A packet of lime gelatin dessert
A packet of berry blue gelatin dessert
3.75 cups of vodka (vanilla flavour)
Whipped cream
Rainbow sprinkles

How to make: 
1. You will need to make 5 separate gelatin mixtures for this dish.
2. Add one cup of boiling water in each pan and mix the gelatine in with the water. 
3. Now stir in 3/4th  of a cup of vodka to each pan and mix. 
4. Place your shot glasses inside a muffin pan so that it can be tilted. 
5. Fill the glasses with each mixture and then place in the fridge for 30 minutes (You need to do this for each colour). 
6. When finished refrigerate for overnight. 
7. When ready to serve add some whipped cream and cover with sprinkles. 

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