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Spooky Gumball Cocktail

Spooky Gumball Cocktail

What You Need:

Around ¼ cup of Sambuca or any other colorful liqueur  
 2 cups of lime soda
1 cup of bubblegum flavored vodka 
Fruit Gushers Decorating sugar

How To Prepare:

1. Dip the upper edges of your serving glasses in water and shake of the excess.
Poke the wet edges into the decorating sugar so that the sugar sticks around the edges. 
2. Pour in the soda and the vodka into a pitcher and mix gently.
3. Pour the resulting mixture into the glasses with the sugary edges
4. Use a straw to deposit the liqueur at the bottom of the glasses. The technique is simple enough; you can easily get your hands on it online.
5. Gently push a toothpick into the Fruit Gushers to make a swizzle stick and serve each glass with a swizzle stick inside.

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