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Strawberry rose cream soda

Strawberry rose cream soda

Ingredients for Syrup:

• Organic roses (Around 12) or culinary rosewater (can be used instead of water mentioned below)
• Strawberries (One lb)
• One cup water/culinary rosewater
• Sugar (One cup)

Ingredients for each soda:
• Club soda (Half a cup)
• Strawberry Rose Syrup (Couple of tablespoons)
• Couple of tablespoons of fat free (or regular) or half & half (we are using fat-free version)

Directions for Preparation
1. First of all take the roses and wash them properly in order to remove insects or bugs. Now remove the petals and cut the white part from each petal (white parts are usually bitter in taste).
2. Take the strawberries and wash them properly. Now cut off their tops and place them in a saucepan filled with rosewater/water. Add some sugar into it, and allow it to boil at a medium temperature. Lower the temperature to medium low, and continue to cook it for next 10 to 15 minutes till the strawberries are properly cooked and beautiful red colored syrup is formed.
3. Remove the saucepan from the stove and add rose petals into it. Stir them and allow the mixture to cool down a bit. Pour the mixture into a jar and put it in a refrigerator for the whole night.
4. Now it’s time to prepare the soda. Pour the mixture into a bowl through a flour sack or cheesecloth to separate syrup from the rose petals & berries (you can use berries & rose petal mixture while preparing baked stuffs like muffins or cake).
5. Pour this syrup in a bottle and put it in a refrigerator.
It’s time to make cream soda:
6. Take a tall glass and fill it up with ice. Now add half a cup of club soda along with couple of tablespoons of syrup into it. This will make the glass full. However, if it’s not full, then you can add some syrup & soda into it, till it’s full).
7. Now slowly pour Half & Half on the soda and you will witness beautiful whirls of cream.

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