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Tasty Watermelon Bars

Tasty Watermelon Bars

• Round vanilla wafer (12 oz)
• Unsalted butter (Six tablespoons)
• Watermelon juice (Five cups)
• Lemon zest (Half a teaspoon)
• Fresh lemon juice (Half a cup)
• Sugar (Half a cup)
• 2% milk (Half a cup)
• Flavorless gelatin (One oz)
• Confectioner’s sugar (One-fourth cup)

Directions for Preparation
1. Pre-heat the oven at 175c. Now take a 13×9” baking pan and line it with a foil. However, while doing so, make sure that the foil extends to the edges of pan. Now take a cooking spray and spray it over the foil.
2. Ground the vanilla wafers and mix them with butter. Now add couple of tablespoons of water and mix them properly. Transfer this mixture to the prepared pan and then press this mixture over the pan to make a uniform layer. Now bake it for next 20 minutes. Once baked allow it to cool down.
3. Take a small bowl and pour 2 cups of watermelon juice into it. Set it aside. Now take 3 separate cups of watermelon juice and mix them with milk, lemon zest, sugar and lemon juice in a bigger bowl.
4. Take the smaller bowl with 2 cups of watermelon juice and add gelatin into it. Wait for couple of minutes till the gelatin dissolves. Once the gelatin blooms, put it in the microwave and heat it for next couple of minutes on high temperature till the gelatin melts into a smooth liquid.
5. Now add this liquid gelatin into the bigger bowl with 3 cups of watermelon juice. Mix them properly and then pour it over the previously prepared pan with the layer. Put it in the freezer for next couple of hours until the whole thing becomes firm enough.
6. Once firm you can cut it into equal bars and serve immediately.

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