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Tropical beach cupcakes

Tropical beach cupcakes

Beach Cupcakes
• White cake mix (One box)
• Food color (Blue)
• Cupcake pan (with liners)
• Small Swedish fish (Couple of fish for each cupcake)
• Blue sugar crystals
• Shortbread cookies or Graham crackers
• Small ziplock bag
• Vanilla frosting
• Fruit Stripe gum (One stick for each cupcake)
• Gumballs (One for each cupcake)
• Small drink umbrellas (One for each cupcake)

Directions for Preparation
1. Read the cupcake instructions and prepare your cake mix. Now add the blue food color, one drop at a time till the batter becomes blue like ocean water. Place liners in cupcake pan and then fill them up with batter (2/3 full). Now sink couple of Swedish fish in every cup and then bake them all like instructed. Once baked, allow the cupcakes to cool down.
2. Now scoop half the frosting in a bowl and then add some blue food color till the color begins to match the batter. Take the cups one by one and frost each one of them (half blue and half white).
3. Take the ziplock bag and crush the graham crackers in it while the bag is sealed. Now sprinkle the crushed crackers on white part of cupcake to make them appear like sand. Take blue sugar crystals and spread them on blue part of cupcakes.
4. Bend Fruit stripe gum in such a way that it appears like a chair.
5. Now place the gumball (beach ball) and umbrella to complete the beach scene.
6. Your tropical beach cupcakes are ready to be served now!

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