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Vodka Appletini Cupcakes

Vodka Appletini Cupcakes

If you love  apple cobbler cupcake then you are just going to devour this awesome adult twist on the recipe - appletini cupcakes! By adding vodka it not only lightens the batter but adds a lovely boozy quality to it topped off with the vodka icing.  And there's absolutely none of that artificially sweet fake apple taste either, this recipe is filled with spices & flavour and, of course, a good splashing of alcohol.  This is a match made in heaven: sugar, spices and all things nice... with a dash of naughty to lighten the heaviness ;)  It has the tang of real granny smith apples spiced with just the right amount of cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar, and my twist of vodka is just what the doctor ordered to ensure your friends know this is not your ordinary cupcake.  Oh no - they've got themselves a bonafide, edible martini!

Now that's the taste covered. To make them look spectacular I baked them using  Cakes Under The Influence’s adorable martini-shaped baking cups. Your friends will love being able to literally toast their martini cupcakes and the  Cakes Under the Influence kits are extremely simple to use.  Each kit comes with special silicone moulds designed to fit into your standard cupcake tins.  In addition, the kits come prepared with metal baking cups that slip into these silicone moulds.  You simply place your Cakes Under the Influence's custom-sized liners into those metal baking cups and pour in required batter - it's as easy as preparing any other cupcake liner.  Finally, to serve up these delicious appletini cupcakes, you simply transfer the liners from the metal cups into the special drink glasses provided with your kit.  It really is that simple!

So if you can bake a cupcake then I assure you you can make these cocktails in a cupcake!  As a matter of fact, these kits are so much fun you might want to make a party of creating the appletinis with your friends.  The only problem you may face is perhaps you'd better get more than one kit - because it's guaranteed after making and eating these delicious little cocktail cakes your mates are most definitely going to want to go for round two! 

apple cobbler cupcakes
Quarter cup vodka
Three cups powdered sugar
One cup unsalted butter, room temp
Quarter cup vodka
Optional - green sanding sugar


1. Per instructions in the  apple cobbler cupcake post recipe, prepare your batter.
2. Stir in the quarter cup of vodka
3. Per instructions as above pour batter evenly into each cupcake liner and bake.

1. Using an electric mixer, whip your butter in a large bowl on high speed until light and fluffy.
2. Slowly add in powdered sugar in small amounts, continually beating, until well combined. Add vodka and repeat.
3. Use a spatula to spread your icing evenly onto each cooled cupcake.
4. If using the green sanding sugar, now drizzle around the edges of each cupcake.  Serve.

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